About Tim Richardson


Born and raised in Central Illinois, I grew up like many Midwestern farm kids with a love for the outdoors, hunting , fishing, and bucking bales for local farmers. My summers were consumed with detassling corn, walking beans, working produce farms and getting an all around hands-on education in working a farm. My connection with dirt and the land was there from birth. My passion for working the land only got stronger as I got older. My brother and I bought our first farm in the early 90's and haven’t slowed down since. After graduating from Western Illinois University, I went to work for an outdoor marketing company in 2002 at the same time continuing to grow our portfolio for land ownership and farming. Getting to pursue a career in business as well as continuing to farm and manage multiple properties was a great foundation for understanding how to effectively maximize and generate the highest possible return on every acre we farmed. I have been working in and around the Ag community my entire life. It’s not just how I provide for my family and something I love, it’s in my blood, it’s who I am.